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"I own 57%. My way or the highway."

“Before I begin, let me remind you that I own 57% of the voting stock of Facebook, which means I have complete control over it. I organized the company this way many years ago, with the very deliberate intention of maintaining complete control over it. I did this so I wouldn’t get overruled and canned by venture capitalists, a fate that unfortunately…

Are the Fortune 500 companies social?

Based on the latest statistics, it seems like they are.  With 58% of the Fortune 500 on Facebook and 62% maintaining a corporate Twitter presence, they’re well into the late majority.  The real question is: are they doing it well? Our bet is that a lot of them aren’t, and could use a few pointers.  However, there are a select few brands that millions of consumers…

The Real Google+ Strategy

Last week ComScore reported that the average Google+ user only spent 3 minutes on the site in January. This was immediately met with comparisons to social media giant Facebook, whose users averaged almost 7 hours a month on their site. Likewise, Pinterest managed 89 minutes, Twitter received 21 minutes, and LinkedIn got 17 minutes. Even the lowly MySpace received…

The Social Media Bowl

Three and a Half Million Dollars That’ll raise a few eyebrows. That’s also how much some companies are spending on one 30 second TV spot during the Super Bowl. Sounds a bit insane, doesn’t it? Then again, it is The Super Bowl – arguably the best entertainment event of the year. In fact, Super Bowl 45 in 2011 drew an estimated 111

The Christmas S.W.E.A.T.E.R. Project

Fresh snow in the morning, ginger bread flavoured everything and shiny lights at every store front. The holiday season is official upon us. A time of generosity where we give back to those less fortunate than us. In that spirit, bv02 has decided to make a difference this holiday season by helping out those in need – our mobile phones. Year after year millions…

Do you "check in"?

Consider these recent headlines and stats: – Foursquare recently hit a billion check ins and has over 10 million users. – Facebook is killing off its “Places” function, but replacing it with an option to check in when updating your status. – Gowalla is redesigning its apps and redefining itself more as local guide application.…

Social Media Marketing Myths

The majority of businesses are jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon and have no plan implemented, nor have they done any research on whether or not social media will even work for their company. Why are they spending all this time tweeting or attempting to draw traffic to their Facebook and Google+ pages if it’s just going to fall flat on their…

SMS: The dying cash cow for wireless carriers?

Everyone’s been in this situation: You’re standing in a line or sitting on a bus and the person next to you is not even aware that you’re there because they are so engulfed in writing a text. Or you’re having a conversation with someone, and they stop in the middle of it to answer a text. Needless to say, we are addicted to SMS. An article

Gowalla....Goodbye Old Friend

Sometimes you need to give up the applications you love to use, especially if you are the only one left using it. I am sorry to say, Gowalla it’s you. We’re breaking up. We often carry extra apps on our smart phones/tablets that don’t get used that often. Some are for productivity, some for fun and others don’t really have much use at all. From time to…

Meet me on Facebook

Facebook has made quite a few changes as of late. First, Facebook “Deals” was introduced early last week – a huge game changer for businesses who want to build loyalty and drive business by rewarding customers with discounts and other special offers. This Monday, however, Facebook announced the launch of a modern messaging system that merges…

Where the Facebook Are You?

On Wednesday Facebook officially announced that their wildly anticipated location based feature, Facebook Places was up and ready for business. Two days later it has slowly began trickling into Canada,  it seems to be available sporadically throughout the country. As always with every Facebook announcement there has been an out poor of questions, blog…