Google has recently launched enhanced AdWords campaigns which allows an advertiser to alter their ads and bids based on the user’s location, device, time of day. Learn more.

Delving into search marketing can be an intimidating task.Right off the bat, most companies are faced with the same dilemma – do we invest in PPC or SEO? While paid and organic search are often viewed as two exclusive initiatives, they are in fact two sides of the same coin: search marketing.

Google AdWords offers a free tool called Conversion Tracking that shows you what happens after your ad is clicked on. Did the user follow through with a conversion? By tracking your conversions you will be able to improve your AdWords campaigns by determining which ads, keywords and campaigns convert the best.

$3.5 million. That’ll raise a few eyebrows. That’s also how much some companies are spending on one 30 second TV spot during the Super Bowl. Sounds a bit insane, doesn’t it? Then again, it is The Super Bowl – arguably the best entertainment event of the year. In fact, Super Bowl 45 in 2011 drew an estimated 111 million viewers in the US alone. Now that’s and audience. But as far as ads go, we all know what to expect. Budweiser, Pepsi and General Motors will inevitably make a splash, engaging the male-centric audience with cheap laughs and sex appeal. Some things just don’t change. In fact, over the last ten years, those three companies have spent a combined $897 million on Super Bowl advertising alone.