Content strategy. Content marketing. SEO. Blogging. Voice and tone. What do all of these eMarketing techniques have in common? They all rely on well-produced written content. In that case, a tool that helps create more and better content would be pretty useful, right? Well, it exists, and it costs [...]

Every day, millions of people turn to Google to find what they are looking for. They enter in a query and within a fraction of a second, they are presented with a detailed list of results, both organic and paid. Amazing, right? But how does Google do it? In the most basic terms, think of Google as an enormous book with an extremely detailed index that tells it exactly where everything is located. When a user performs a search, Google scans its index for matching pages and presents you with the most relevant results based on your keywords. It’s a very impressive system.

“Use GPS-enabled digital cameras to photograph Arctic wildlife 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and contribute to a growing online citizen science database.” Sounds like a pretty great adventure, or an excellent line in a job description, right? While it might be both, it’s also what a group of teens will be doing this summer at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge with bv02’s support.

Content marketing only works when you have an understanding of your audience, and webinars are no exception. When you’re designing a presentation for delivery over the web, you’re doing so with a formal or informal audience persona in mind. Who are they? How much do they already know? What are they [...]

Whenever I go to a video shoot, people are often surprised when I pull a DSLR camera out of my bag. Shocked that I’m using what they thought was only a photo camera to film with, they’ll often ask me about it. This usually ends up becoming a conversation about the advantages of using a DSLR to shoot video, which is why I’ve decided to break it down for everyone. This is why, here at bv02, we film video with a DSLR.

Local search – we’ve all done it. You’re walking down the street and you get hungry. So what do you do? You pull out your phone, and search “sandwiches”. Google Maps then tells you that there’s a deli just two block away, and hey – they’ve got pretty great reviews. Problem solved.
Well, you’re not alone. [...]

I’ve just returned back home to Ottawa from mesh, a 2-day digital conference in Toronto that explores emerging trends and the evolution of the Web. Where most tech conferences are characterized by one-way keynotes in enormous halls, mesh was different. It offered an intimiate, interactive environment that felt like much more of a conversation than a presentation. Sure there were keynotes and power points – but there were also over 20 vignettes, panels, workshops and, of course, networking. Here are my highlights from mesh 2012.

It’s happened. All of your worst fears have been confirmed. They have your data, and they’re not afraid to use it. Technically, you should have known better, or at least that’s what they’re telling you. You did agree to this, after all – didn’t you read their terms and conditions? [...]

When bv02 goes to a conference, we don’t just “go to a conference.”  It’s far too analog for our taste.  We like to bring an interesting digital experience or two, and the Canadian Museum Association’s 65th Annual conference at the Hilton Lac Leamy was no exception.  That’s where we debuted MasterPieces, our collaborative digital canvas.
What [...]

…Desirae Odjick, AKA the Girl Who Wanted To Work Here So Much She Made Us a Website. That’s right – she decided that an eMarketing role called for more than just a paper resume, so she built a website and launched a Twitter campaign using #work4bv02 to grab our attention.